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3D arcade-style shooter.  Fly a blaster-equipped spacecraft with boost ability through an unpredictable tunnel environment.  Shoot baddies to gain combos and post your high score to compete for top gun!

Gameplay tips:
Baddie values are based on type.  Shoot baddies of the same type to start a combo.  Your score will change color to remind you what type of baddie is part of the present combo.

Your online score will be colored based on the average color of the baddies you destroyed.  Pause the game to view this color.

The Power Ball item destroys baddies with a single shot and will return ten times the base value of a baddie.  The Power Ball will not affect your combo.

Use First person view to dodge baddies easily.

Tenix utilizes advanced Bump mapped, Reflective surfaces. Graphics are appropriately scaled to accommodate device speed.

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Version Highlights

Version 1.0 - Features:

  1. Procedurally generated level and combo score system for lasting replay value
  2. Separate leaderboard for each difficulty mode
  3. Online leader board
  4. First person view mode
  5. Inverted controls available in options

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